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 Avril at Britain's Got Talent - Review

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PostSubject: Avril at Britain's Got Talent - Review   Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:55 am

Hey all!
So myself and Heather_x were in the audience for Britain's Got Talent last night to see Avril perform! And I thought I'd write you guys a brief review of the experience. We didn't actually catch up with Avril in person, and no photos from inside the studio unfortunately. But anyway!

Getting In!

So I have to totally thank Heather for the fact we actually got into the show! I wasn't even going to go down to the studio to try and see Avril because after making a lot of calls to anyone I could think of, it seemed clear that there was going to be no way to get into the show without tickets. And we didn't have tickets! Britain's Got Talent is currently the most popular show on TV in the UK atm. So tickets are like gold dust!

Heather and others decided to go down to the studio for midday and just see what they could do. They fortunately gained themselves tickets from a very kind lady who had extras. So I made my way to London like a crazy person! I, at this point, still didn't have a ticket! However, I thought I'd just see what I could do. To cut a long story short, thanks to Heather and others being so close to the front of the audience queue, I managed to get in! Pure magic!

The Show

Once we were in, we were so overwhelmed! The studio is so teeny compared to how it looks on TV! We couldn't believe our luck that we'd got ourselves in, and we were bouncing to see Avril!!

The show itself was fantastic. It was great to see Simon Cowell and the other judges in person - surreal but amazing! By the end of the first show, we were totally exhausted as they had us clapping and cheering every 5 mins! So we decided to reserve some energy for Avril's performance.

Avril's Performance

After a short break between the main show and results show, we could barely sit still. We decided as soon as Avril gets announced, we're going to go bonkers!! The studio guys had already told us to go really crazy and upbeat for the entire show, but this was our time to show Avril we were there to support her.

We'd seen the giant Smile logo already on the big screen. I tried so hard to tweet to Bandaids that she was performing Smile - but phones had to be off.

The stage then was prepared for Avril's performance - with the excessively bright lights that shined right in our faces!! We tried to get Jim and Rodney's attention but they were slightly preoccupied. We weren't too far back in the audience and the studio is actually quite bright so we thought we'd have a good chance at them seeing us. And then out came Avril herself!

I've watched the performance on TV, and I just can't describe how different it was in person. Now I might be totally biased as we were dancing and clapping excessively, but she seemed so upbeat, so happy to be there, and she really got the crowd going. She definitely caught sight of us as well, and gave us a cheeky grin! Her voice sounded fantastic and I think it was a really good idea to play What The Hell first. Everyone loved it! The people around us weren't exactly Avril fans, but they were up on their feet dancing along and enjoying it.

It's a real shame that all that energy didn't come across on the live show at home. Because that's obviously where it matters - what with 15 million people watching!! But I honestly thought she did herself proud, and she's seriously going to rock everyone's socks off on the Black Star Tour!

After she spoke to the Ant and Dec (the hosts), she went and sat on the edge of the stage. We shouted and waved at her again, and she turned to us and gave us a really big wave! I'm so glad she knew we were there for her.

After the show, we did ask if we could watch her interview for Britain's Got More Talent, but we were told it had already been recorded and she'd left. She must have performed and gone straight to the interview whilst the show was wrapped up for us - or the security were just lying to us to get us out!!
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Avril at Britain's Got Talent - Review
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